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Jeremy Strickland, CMT

      I've always loved my work.  I've practiced hands-on therapies professionally for sixteen years.  During this time I've worked in several settings including luxury day-spas, a chiropractic office, a sports massage clinic, and in private practice.  As pro-bono work I provided Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments at the Glide Community Health Clinic in San Francisco, serving individuals with a variety of health concerns.  I have also participated in a touch program for infants at the UCSF Children's Hospital.

      After graduating from the Austin School of Massage Therapy in early 1994 and entering the field of massage, I began exploring the effectiveness of different types of bodywork.  A colleague gave me craniosacral therapy sessions that significantly impacted my perception of the body.  With intrigue and curiosity I enrolled with the Upledger Institute and completed Craniosacral Therapy levels 1 and 2, in 1996 and 1997. 
      Experience with this work sparked my interest in theories based in energy, such as acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.  In 1998 I found Jin Shin Jyutsu.  I took my first class in 1999 and obtained my practitioner certificate in 2001.  In 2004 I became qualified to teach from the "Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu" self-care books.      

      Today I maintain a full-time private practice in San Francisco and teach JSJ self-care classes.  I also co-organize the San Francisco JSJ 5-Day Basic Seminars and Special Topics classes.     

      Several years ago I was drawn back to another art of harmonizing relationships that I had enjoyed as a child, music.  In my spare time I enjoy studying western music theory and playing the piano and trumpet.