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Jin Shin Jyutsu®


    Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) treatments can reduce pain, tension, and stress, and help improve a wide range of  health issues.  A series of professional JSJ treatments combined with a daily self-help practice can be a dynamic approach for resolving chronic conditions.  Receiving treatments helps boost vital energy, stabilize emotions, and lift the spirit. 


    JSJ shares commonalities with traditional Chinese medicine theory and can relate with several aspects of many eastern philosophies.  At the core, JSJ recognizes two things.  First, there is a flow of universal life-energy that moves through our entire being, and second, that our body, mind, and spirit are intrinsically connected with this flow of energy.     

    One of the beauties of JSJ  is that the depth and complexity of the art is accessible, while the language used simplifies its principles to digestible, easy-to-understand information.  

     When life-energy flows uninterrupted throughout our beings, we function at our most efficient.  If that flow is disturbed, whether from daily stresses, injury, living environment, or genetic influence, symptoms and illnesses can arise.  With JSJ physio-philosophy we are able to help bring about harmony by using simple yet powerful applications of our hands along with breathing awareness.   

    The art utilizes 26 "Safety Energy Lock" areas, twelve major organ energy functions, attitudes, breathing, the five elements, pulse listening, body-reading, and other information, to improve health and well-being.  In essence, JSJ is the study of these relationships at play.  The study of JSJ helps focus our awareness, deepen our understanding, and provides practical procedures to improve health and well being.

      JSJ Treatments are received while lying face up, usually on a massage table, while wearing comfortable clothes.  The practitioner gathers information from the recipient, listens to the quality and rhythm of pulse at their wrist, and observes visible information from their body.  While holding two safety energy locks at a time, the practitioner then listens for the pulse in both areas to harmonize with each other, or beat in rhythm.  A sequence of safety energy locks is followed to improve the flow of energy throughout specific areas the body.  The effects from treatments are as varied as each individual and depend on several factors, although deep relaxation is one common response.  Simple self-help instructions are also provided that can be used almost anytime, anywhere.  Treatments are 50 - 60 minutes in length and are appropriate for any age or level of fragility.  

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